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Dinner Menu



  • Garlic Bread

    • 10.00

    – crispy ciabatta bread with homemade garlic butter

  • Seafood Chowder

    • 15.00

    – a thick creamy soup made from a selection of NZ’s freshest & finest seafood, served with garlic bread

  • Garlic Prawns

    • 16.00

    – cooked in a rich creamy garlic butter sauce served with petit salad

  • Salt and Pepper Calamari

    • 16.00

    – with petit salad and chili aioli

  • Peri-Peri Chicken

    • 15.00

    – chicken tenders tossed in peri-peri glaze served with petit salad

  • Lamb Shank Croquettes

    • 15.00

    – served with petit salad jalapeno mayo and plum sauce

  • Pork Risotto

    • 16.00

    – saffron white wine risotto served with Asian sweet soy glaze

  • Vegetable Skewers

    • 12.50

    – seasonal veg skewers served with petit salad and lemongrass peanut sauce


  • Beer Battered Fish

    • 28.50

    – Beer battered market fish served with salad fries and tartare sauce

  • Marlborough Salmon

    • 32.00

    – Salmon fillet seared with crisp skin served with mint mash, seasonal sauté veg with creamy lime dill sauce

  • Thai Seafood Curry

    • 30.00

    – Thai seafood curry with coconut base cooked with mussels, prawns, fish, squid served with steamed rice

  • Baked Snapper

    • 32.50

    – Fresh local NZ snaper with dukkah crust served on gourmet baked potato, carrot puree and mango chili sauce

  • Green Lip Mussels

    • 29.00

    – Classic steamed Mussels cooked in white wine and tomato salsa served with garlic bread

  • Linguini Prawns

    • 28.00

    – Prawn cutlets cooked in linguini pasta with julienne vegetables and creamy white wine sauce topped with olive oil lemon dressing and parmesan cheese

  • Ocean platter to share

    • 80.00

    – Seared Marlborough Salmon with lemon butter
    – White wine mussels with tomato salsa
    – Beer battered market fish
    – Deep fried crab sticks
    – Garlic prawns with Parmesan reduction
    – Salt and pepper squid
    – 3 dipping sauces , fries , salad


  • Pork ribs

    • half 27.00
    • full 34.00

    – slow braised ribs with bourbon bbq sauce served with polenta chips and salad

  • Venison hot pot

    • 26.00

    – A hearty venison stew served in a puff pastry with parsley potatoes topped with rich plum sauce

  • Stuffed chicken

    • 27.50

    – chicken breast stuffed with tarragon bacon and mushrooms served with crumbed potato croquette seasonal veg and red wine plum cherry sauce

  • Pork belly

    • 28.00

    – 3 hours slow braised pork belly served with cauliflower puree potato cake finished with beetroot balsamic glaze and crackling

  • Lamb shank

    • 28.00

    – slow braised Canterbury lamb shank in a rich red wine stock served on a potato gratin , veg and red wind glaze sauce

  • Vegetable stack

    • 24.00

    – charred seasonal vegetables served with grilled haloumi , polenta parmesan cake and capsicum coulis and smoke eggplant and fig chutney


  • Prime steer ribeye 250gm

    • 32.50

    – cooked to your liking served with fries and salad with choice of mushroom sauce, garlic butter and peppercorn sauce

  • Giant Flintstone 400gm

    • 42.00

    – Flintstone steak cooked to your liking served with fries and salad with choice of mushroom sauce, garlic butter and peppercorn sauce

  • Surf and turf 250gm

    • 36.50

    – ribeye cooked to your liking with creamy parmesan prawns and mussels sauce served with potato gratin and seasonal vegetables

  • Lamb rump 200gm

    • 30.00

    – grilled to your liking served with panko herb crust, potato paprika spinach hash seasonal veg and topped with red wine jus

  • Porterhouse steak 250gm

    • 28.00

    – grilled to your liking served with fries salad and choice of mushroom sauce ,peppercorn sauce and garlic butter

  • Wagyu rump 200gm

    • 30.00

    – cooked to your liking served with baked gourmet potatoes seasonal veg topped with port wine thyme jus



    • 12.00

    – a thick creamy based custard served with almond apricot biscotti


    • 12.00

    – a gooey banana caramel on a biscuit base , Italian meringue and vanilla ice cream


    • 12.00

    – please refer to the waitress for our daily flavor


    • 12.00

    – flourless double chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. (GF)

  • Affogato

    • 14.00

    Icecream, a shot of coffee, and a shot of liqueur

  • Liqueur Coffee

    Tia Maria
    Grand Marnier
    Black/White Sambuca

  • Ports

    • 10.00

    Brown Brothers Tawny Port Croft Aged Tawny Port